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Organic Pizza

School Lunch Box (Bento) スクールランチ オーガニック弁当

Organic Lunch for your child everyday! オーガニックのお弁当はルカデリでどうぞ!

We use Only Organic ingredients and everything is Homemade. All the menus are free of preservatives, chemicals, colorants nor any kind of additives. The lunch is freshly made in Hiroo every morning at the Kitchen by the chef, and it will be delivered in Warm condition with thermo-bags.

The Menus have been carefully studied for years and are kids friendly, well balanced, very healthy and most importantly good taste. Also, we offer a variety of international menus as we know that Kids come from very different backgrounds. All the menus are 100% free of sesame, nuts, white sugar and soba. There are vegetarian menus and lacto-vegetarian menus. The menus with eggs, pork and non-lacto are marked on the menu. In each menu, we include carbohydrate, vegetables, protein (meat, fish, eggs, cheese or beans) and seasonal fresh fruits or homemade baked sweets. The carbohydrate could be rice, homemade focaccia or bread, or pastas.

We have 100% traceability of the ingredients we use. The meat we use is 100% natural from Australia with right process of temperature to secure the absence of any bacteria. The vegetables come from all over Japan, directly from the farmers who are certified as organic farmers. Currently we do not use any ingredient from Northern part of Japan including Kanto area.

Today’s Bento Selection Delivery on Monday - July 22, 2024