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Organic Catering Service

Organic Catering Service オーガニックケータリング サービス

Lucadeli Organic Kitchen is a catering service of 100% home made & organic meal. We use only organic ingredients. We offer various types of parties, office caterings, school lunch caterings and weddings with special homemade organic meals. The menus are custom made depending on the occasions, number of person, place and the budget. Please feel free to contact us for further information. We will be happy to give you a wide option of menus.

ルカデリオーガニックキッチンではインターナショナルスクールをはじめ、キッチン施設の併設されていない学校や企業へのケータリングを行っています。 またホームパーティーやスペシャルディナー、そしてウェディングまで幅広くみなさまにオーガニックミールを御届けします。 スクールランチサービスのお問い合わせは、お気軽にどうぞ。ホームデリバリー、パーティーケータリング等のメニューのお問い合わせも随時受け付けております。ご予算&人数、用途に合わせて、全てカスタムメイドのメニューをご提案致します。

Aperitivo6 / pinchos

General Menu & Price Examples:

Catering Conditions:

  • Minimum Order for per person: 3,600 yen / 75.000 yen Total plus delivery fee and tax
  • Service Charge: From Lucadeli to your place within 5Km 10% / 8Km 15%/ 12Km 20%/ more than 12km please call us
  • Service Charge: 弊社から5km圏内10%、8km圏内15%、12km圏内20%、それ以上はお問い合わせください。
  • Note: From April 1st 2016 the consumption tax are not included
  • Note: 2016年4月1日から消費税抜きの価格となります.

Lucadeli PINTXOS (Small finger foods)

  • Organic Mini Caprese
  • Organic Veggies Millefeuille
  • Natural Shrimp and Citrus
  • Organic Bagna Caoda
  • Organic Veggies Spanish Tortilla
  • Natural Octopus and Potato Mediterranean Style
  • Natural “Kirishima” Pork “Moruno”
  • Organic Avocado, Guacamole and Veggies Tortilla
  • Natural Shrimp, Tomato and Aioli Tortilla
  • Sicilian Organic “Arancini” (Rice ball with mest)
  • Organic Mini Cheese Burger
  • etc..

Lucadeli TAPAS (Individual small package)

  • Organic Avocado Taco Rice
  • Organic Soboro Donburi (Gingered Minced Beef Rice, Scrambled Eggs and Green Veggies)
  • Roasted Natural Chicken and Veggies Taboule’.
  • Classic Organic Grilled Veggies with Aged Balsamico
  • Organic Spicy stirerie Veggies “Sicilian Style”
  • etc..


  • Organic Tomato, Lettuce and Hummus
  • Organic Tomato, Lettuce Mozzarella and Basil Sauce
  • Classic Organic B.L.T
  • Natural Tuna. Lettuce and Potato Salad
  • Homemade Natural Smoke Salmon, Sour Cream, Dill Mini Croissant (¥100 plus)
  • etc..

SOUPS Hot/Cold (Served in Individual small cup)

  • Organic Vichyssoise
  • Organic Sweet Corn with Cloves Sour Cream
  • Organic Carrot and Ginger
  • Classic Organic Veggies Minestrone
  • etc..


  • Classic Organic “Lorraine” with Bacon and Onion
  • Natural Salmon and Broccoli
  • Organic Asparagus and Parmigiano cheese
  • etc..

DIPPING (a selection of raw veggies and crispy breads)

  • Classic Organic Bagna Caoda
  • Organic Hummus
  • Organic Guacamole
  • etc..


  • Organic Mixed Leaf with Wafu Dressing
  • Organic Spinach with Parmigiano and Balsamico Dressing
  • Organic Caesar
  • etc..


  • Classic Organic Margherita
  • Organic Veggies
  • Tuna, Sweet Onion and Fresh Tomato
  • 3 Type of Natural Cheese
  • Fancy Hawaian Bacon, Pineapple and Cherry Tomatoes
  • etc…


  • Organic Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella
  • Homemade Sausage, Spinach and Sweet Onion
  • Organic Broccoli, Natural Shrimp and White Sauce
  • Organic Pumpkin with Cripsy Bacon
  • Organic Ortolana with Parmigiano Cheese
  • Organic Zucchini and Salmon Cream
  • Organic Veggies Peperoncino
  • etc…


  • Classic “Macaroni and Cheese” with 3 types of Natural Cheese
  • Organic Meat Sauce “Lasagna “ style
  • Tomato Cream with Broccoli and Cauliflower
  • Bacon, Onion Sweet Potatoes and Rosemary
  • Asparagus, Egg and Fresh Tomato
  • etc…


  • Natural Chicken Miilanese and Inca Potatoes Skewers with 2 Sauces
  • Natiural Salmon and Veggies Sauteed with Saffron Sauce
  • etc…


  • Classic Organic Pannacotta
  • Seasonal Organic Fruits Pannacotta
  • Organic Fruits Muffin
  • Organic Chocochip Muffin
  • Organic Fruits and Bread Cake Pintxos
  • Organic Mini Fruits Tarts
  • Organic Fruits Salad
  • Organic Apple Pie
  • etc…


  • Whole Natural “Daisen” Chicken Roasted 2-4 Persons
  • Organic Stuffing
  • Organic Mushrooms gravy sauce
  • Organic Roasted Potatoes
  • Oven Baked Tomatoes
  • Organic Sweet Potatoes and Cheese Casserole
  • Sauteed Organic Mixed Veggies
  • Organic Focaccia Bread
  • etc…

Studio Catering



Studio Catering for Models Examples

The menus of LucaDeli Catering are all organic and healthy and that is why many of models ask us for the snack & lunch caterings during the shooting at the studio. We include as many vegetables as we can to fit model’s eating habit and preference. We offer everyday studio catering in Tokyo area. Our menus are custom made depending on your budget. Please contact us for further information.

Tel. 03-5420-9658
eMail: info@lucadeli.com