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Luca Deli Organic Bento & Catering Tokyo

Organic and Healthy Catering, Roasted Turkey and School Lunch, Office lunch and Bento boxes to your place in Tokyo! オーガニック&ヘルシー ケータリング、ローストターキー、スクールランチ、オフィスランチ、スタジオ弁当、ロケ弁当の御用命はルカデリでどうぞ!

School Bento

School Bento

With this System you can order the Organic Bento for your Kid — 24/7 online. You are able to pay immediately by the convenient Stripe (Credit Card) or Paypal System. Every single day you have access and can see (with Pictures), what Bento will be delivered to your Kid.

You are able to use this System, if your Kid goes to one of the following Schools in Tokyo (Also if you work at these Schools, of course!) — ABC International School (ABC), American School in Japan (ASIJ), British School Azabudai (BSYA), Capital Tokyo International School (CTIS), CTIS Kindergarten (CTIK), Clarence International School (CIS), Mees Hakusan (HAK), Mees International School (MIS), Mees Komagome (KOM), Montessori School of Tokyo (MST), MST Faculty (MSTF), Summerhill (SH), Tokyo Children’s Garden (TCG), United School of Tokyo (UST), Willowbrook (WIS)

Menu for August 2024 (Aug 1st - Aug 31st)


Coronaviruses Safety precautions

Coronaviruses are spread through close contact with others. This is the list of precaution that we use daily to ensure the safety of our workers and the products for our customers